Urban Myths About Methods to Facilitate Conceiving

The most important desire of women who plan pregnancy is to achieve results in a short time. As time goes on, their morale deteriorates and they worry if there is a problem. Most of the time, he enters expectations with hearsay information. Here are some urban legends that you think make conceiving easier, but that don't make any medical sense.

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Long-term use of birth control pills leads to infertility.

The mechanism of birth control pills is to prevent ovulation. When you stop the pill, it is excreted from the body within a few days and does not accumulate. The process of cleansing from the body has nothing to do with how long you have been using the contraceptive pill.

When the drug that prevents ovulation is expelled from the body, the reproductive system of the woman starts to work again. Although some women ovulate within 2 weeks, some may take up to 2 months.

If you have menstrual irregularity before taking the pill, it means that there is already a problem with ovulation functions. Periods may continue to be irregular after stopping the drug.

If you use the birth control pill for many years, you should not forget that the natural ovarian reserve may decrease with age.

Positions in sexual intercourse affect conception

The important thing is that the sperm reach the cervix as soon as possible and the positions have no effect on it. There is no scientific study explaining the connection between sexual intercourse positions and pregnancy.

Raising the legs after sexual intercourse increases the chances of pregnancy. Lying on your back or raising your legs does not help because the sperm in the vagina start to swim very quickly into the cervix after intercourse. In addition, studies have shown that even in IVF treatments, less than 5 minutes of rest is sufficient after embryo transfer.

Using cough syrup increases the chance of pregnancy

The substance called guanfesin, which is found in some cough syrups, thins the sputum and relieves cough. Based on this, it was thought that the secretions in the cervix would also be thinned and the passage of sperm would be easier. Studies have not found such an effect. In addition, using such drugs may unnecessarily impair health and endanger your reproductive function.

Having sexual intercourse every day increases the chance of pregnancy

Couples who are considering getting pregnant are most curious about when is the risky period. If we consider that the life of the sperm lasts 3 days and the life of the egg 2 days, the 5-day period at the time of ovulation is the time when the potential for pregnancy is high. In this context, sexual intercourse every other day (every 48 hours) instead of every day can increase the chance of conception more.

The calculation of the day of ovulation in women with a regular menstrual cycle is as follows. If you go back 14 days before your last menstrual period, you will find the day you ovulated.

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