What Week of Pregnancy Is Cesarean Section Performed?

Although the cesarean section can be done depending on the person's request, it is the first option in some dangerous situations. Possible danger situation; It covers the complications that prevent normal birth in terms of the health of the mother and baby. Although the methods are different, it is aimed to successfully give birth by determining the most suitable method for the health of the mother and the baby.

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Optional cesarean deliveries are performed at the 39th week of pregnancy as planned beforehand. Experts argue that cesarean delivery should not be done before this week. Cesarean section can be performed at and after 39 weeks 0 days according to the last menstrual period of pregnancy and ultrasound updates. Doing it before this week causes some risk factors for the baby. However, apart from planned cesarean delivery, there may be some emergencies that need to be done regardless of the week. This procedure is called emergency cesarean section.


What is an emergency cesarean section and in which situations is it applied?

Emergency cesarean section operations performed outside the birth plan can be performed every week of pregnancy as an emergency in cases where the mother and baby are at risk of life. As a result of the premature separation of the placenta from the region where it is located in the uterus, called ablatio placenta, severe bleeding occurs. Since this is one of the most serious problems that can endanger the baby, an emergency cesarean section is required. Due to some health problems experienced by the mother, the baby may be affected. In such cases, an emergency cesarean section is performed.

While there are no complications related to the baby in cesarean section operations performed after the 34th week of gestation, serious problems such as respiratory distress may occur in operations performed before the 34th week because the baby has just completed its lung development.

Before the 24th gestational week, the abdominal layers and the uterus are cut, as in cesarean section operations, and the baby is removed. However, the operation performed during this period is called hysterotomy. The reason why this operation is not called cesarean section is because there is no life expectancy for the baby. Hysterotomy is a surgical procedure performed for the termination of pregnancy (such as abortion).

How long does a cesarean delivery take?

Generally, cesarean section operations vary between 30 and 60 minutes. This period may be longer in people who have had multiple previous cesarean sections.

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