What is Spiral?

What is the Spiral?: You can easily prevent an unwanted pregnancy with the hormonal spiral, which is among the most preferred birth control methods. Hormone spiral is an effective tool used by women, briefly preventing pregnancy.

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What is Spiral?

With birth control becoming very important, different forms of use have emerged in birth control methods. With birth control methods, you can prevent or delay pregnancy for as long as you want. For this, women should talk to a Gynecology and Obstetrician in order to choose the right contraceptive method. Choosing an appropriate contraceptive method for every woman is important to prevent possible side effects. For those who are wondering what a hormonal spiral is, it would be correct to say that it is a T-shaped, 2 to 3 cm in size device that attaches to sperm and prevents pregnancy. With the use of spirals, it is possible to prevent pregnancy for 5 years.

When is the spiral attached? How does the spiral protect against pregnancy?

What is a hormonal spiral?

Hormone spiral, which prevents sperm from reaching the egg and fertilization by placing it in the uterus, is a birth control method preferred by women. With the hormonal spiral, women have the chance to prevent and delay their pregnancy for 5 years. During this period, it is also possible to remove the attached spiral, which will be discussed with the doctor.

It is released into the uterus with the hormone progesterone in the hormonal spiral. This method is a more harmless method than other birth control methods used in the form of injections and pills. You can take a look at the rest of our article to learn what the hormonal spiral does and what its benefits are.

What are the benefits of the hormonal spiral?

When we look at the hormonal spiral benefits, it is seen that it does not require longer protection and an additional procedure compared to other birth control methods. The main benefits of the hormonal spiral include:

1- It reduces menstrual pain and eliminates it to a large extent.

2- The chance of preventing pregnancy is much higher.

3- Due to the excessive menstrual bleeding, the use of spirals by people with iron deficiency reduces menstrual bleeding.

4- It prevents and delays pregnancy for 5 years.

5- It prevents ectopic pregnancy.

Which spiral type should be preferred?

There are two different types in the use of the spiral: Hormone spiral and normal copper spiral. One of the issues that most people wonder about is which spiral type should be preferred. The use of hormonal spirals is more recommended in terms of reducing menstrual bleeding, relieving pain and preventing ectopic pregnancy.

How is the hormonal spiral attached?

In order to benefit from the hormonal spiral benefits, care must be taken to install it correctly. If the spiral is installed incorrectly or if it slips afterward, it can cause various side effects.

When is the hormonal spiral inserted?

1- The hormonal spiral is inserted 7 days after the start of menstruation, with a small intervention by the doctor. The process only takes a few minutes.

2- After the hormonal spiral is attached, it should be checked again within 1 to 3 months. After this control, annual control will be sufficient.

Are there any side effects?

Another issue that those who are curious about the hormonal spiral should know is whether there are any side effects of the hormonal spiral. During the insertion of the hormonal spiral, health problems such as light bleeding and dizziness may be observed. Apart from this, another side effect can be a decrease in menstrual bleeding. It is recommended to use the hormonal spiral as it has very few side effects compared to other birth control.

Who should not use it?

-People who are pregnant,

-People with vaginal bleeding,

-People at risk of cervical or breast cancer,

-People who have or have had an infection in the pelvic region,

-People with liver disease or at risk of liver tumor,

-The use of hormonal spirals is not recommended for people who are allergic to the hormone emitted from the hormonal spiral.

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