What is Microinjection (ICSI)?

Microinjection method is revolutionary in male infertility causes. Thanks to this method, men who do not have sperm cells in the semen, who have deformities in their sperm, who have insufficient sperm or who have low sperm motility can become fathers.

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General Information About Microinjection Method

Microinjection is one of the assisted reproductive techniques, which is a great hope for couples who cannot have children naturally and in cases of male infertility.

Microinjection technique is one of the most frequently used in vitro fertilization methods in cases where the man's sperm cell cannot unite with the woman's egg .

Microinjection method was used, drugs and methods used for severe male infertility were never sufficient to achieve sufficient success. So much so that today, very successful experts in the field say that these previously applied treatments are very insufficient for severe male infertility. At the same time, they state that it should no longer be used in treatments.

The microinjection technique applied in male infertility causes contributes greatly to the life of men who want to be fathers. Thanks to the method, many men are able to fulfill their dream of becoming a father.

In addition, for the first time, in vitro fertilization treatment can be performed at the cellular level, thanks to this method.

How is microinjection (ICSI) applied?

After talking about the contribution of this method, it is necessary to talk about how it is applied;
In the microinjection technique, the egg cell taken from the woman is fixed with the help of a special pipette. Then, a single sperm cell taken from the man is injected into the fixed egg with the help of a needle thinner than a hair, under the microscope, and fertilization is achieved.

Normally, at least 20 to 30 thousand sperm cells are needed for the sperm to fertilize an egg cell. However, thanks to the method, fertilization can be achieved even with 1 healthy sperm cell.

After the procedure, the development of the fertilized egg is monitored and when it becomes a healthy embryo, it is placed in the uterus.

Who can be applied microinjection?

The reasons for applying this method are generally;

  1. Too low a man's sperm count
  2. Insufficient sperm motility
  3. Having a disorder in the structure (morphology) of the sperm

Microinjection method, the fertilization rate is not related to the sperm rate obtained. Even when there is 1 sperm cell from the man, the fertilization rate is around 70-80% and this does not change.

Thanks to this technique, pregnancy can be achieved even with 1 healthy sperm cell.

With this method, a solution is found to the difficulty of reaching the egg in cases where the motility of the sperm is insufficient.

In addition, irregular sperm shapes are also a cause of infertility. Thanks to the method, a healthy fertilization can be achieved with a healthy cell.

In cases where the method is applied, sperm shapes, speed and scarcity do not have a negative effect on pregnancy rates. Thanks to this method, these disadvantages are almost completely eliminated.

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