What are the Advantages of Microinjection Method?

The probability of fertilization with the microinjection technique is much higher than in other applications. In addition, fertilization through normal in vitro fertilization is much more difficult for fathers with less sperm count and quality, while infertility is almost never achieved in cases such as infertility.

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Advantages of Microinjection Method

However, thanks to the microinjection technique, fertilization can be performed. In addition, this method is used in case of Azoospermia, that is, if no sperm is found in the semen sample. The reason for this is that the presence of even a single sperm in the microinjection method can be considered sufficient for fertilization. Although there is no sperm in the semen in azoospermia patients, a few sperm cells can be obtained from the testicles by techniques such as " Micro TESE ", and thus fertilization can be achieved by microinjection method.


Can the failed microinjection method be reapplied?

Microinjection IVF treatment method can be applied as much as desired. There is no specific limitation in this regard. The pregnancy rate of the application, which has been tried 6 times, is around 80% with our current knowledge. In other words, the fact that it can be repeated and the success rate is still high at the end of 6 trials clearly shows how much treatment is possible.

In the remaining 20%, this probability decreases even more. In this case, unfortunately, the possibilities offered by technology are limited.

We cannot say that there is a negative result in its re-application immediately after the first microinjection method, which was unsuccessful. However, since the eggs stimulated by the drugs given during the treatment are forced to work at a high level, the increase in the estrogen hormone naturally creates a mess in the body. It is recommended to apply the treatment again after approximately 2-3 menstrual periods until the body recovers itself.

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