Stretch Marks in the Body During Pregnancy

Especially in pregnancy; Cracks may occur in the whole body, especially in the abdomen, chest, thigh, waist and hip regions.

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Causes of stretch marks during pregnancy

Hormonal changes are seen due to stretching of the skin and weight gain. Those who gain more weight than they should have, cracks appear more intensely. With the effect of these factors, thinning occurs in the fibers that provide elasticity to the skin.

In general, expectant mothers do not mind this situation when they are excited about it. They just want to have their baby in their arms as soon as possible. And, of course, when faced with postpartum stretch marks, they panic.

Cracks may occur in our body due to sudden weight gain and loss during pregnancy, but it does not necessarily happen in every pregnancy. While we lose most of the weight we gain in the postpartum period, cracks and sagging images may occur in various parts of our body after losing weight. Some precautions can be taken to prevent crack formation.

Are pregnancy stretch marks permanent?

It is usually permanent, but cracks can be alleviated with some treatment applications to be applied in the early period.
Stretch marks are less common in those who exercise before pregnancy and those who do not smoke.

Does crack formation change according to skin type?

There may be people who do not develop cracks despite not using any product during pregnancy. You can also see people with intense cracks despite taking great care. In this case, we can say that the cracks are related to the genetic structure. Not only during pregnancy, but also before, your lifestyle and eating habits play a big role.

Can we prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

  • Most importantly, it is necessary to avoid gaining or losing weight in a very short time. Or we can use some preventive products to prevent crack formation during these periods.
  • Stretch marks are caused by the breakage of the elastic tissue in the skin as a result of excessive stretching of the skin. These small and large scratches, which are initially red to purple in color, turn into a pearly white color over time. Mostly, the formation of stretch marks on the abdomen, hips, calves and breasts is caused by conditions such as significant weight changes and pregnancy.
  • Feeding the rapidly growing areas of the body with skin care creams, especially during pregnancy, both relaxes the skin and helps prevent the formation of stretch marks.
  • Treatments and treatments aimed at stretching the skin in the areas where cracks occur also help the lines to lose their clarity.
  • Moisturize your skin with body cream every day. Creams will both give the skin the water it needs against cracking and increase the skin's stretching capacity.
  • Drink plenty of water and give your skin the water it needs.
  • It will be beneficial to consume foods rich in vitamins A, E and C.
  • During pregnancy, you should try to keep your weight within the limits recommended by your doctor.
  • In addition, you can benefit from creams recommended by dermatologists, which can be used during pregnancy, with very good results.
  • You can also take care of yourself with natural methods. Especially natural oil blends will help. (Almond oil, cocoa butter, apricot oil, centaury oil, olive oil and black cumin oil)
  • Don't forget to do sports.

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