Stem Cell Application in IVF Treatment

An area where a lot of work has been done on the basis of basic sciences, which medicine has focused on for many years, is the production of stem cells and their use in the treatment of diseases.

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Stem cell application in IVF treatment

It has been clinically applied in the fields of plastic surgery and orthopedics, especially in recent years. However, the main purpose of stem cell therapy is the desire to be applied for the development of healthy new tissues in cancer, multiple sclerosis and degenerative diseases that occur due to disorders in the body's immune system or other mechanisms.

What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are connective tissue cells that have the potential to transform into the desired tissue cell when the necessary conditions are met. It is present in many organs in our body. It is found mostly in bone marrow and adipose tissue.
Our reproductive cells, especially in women, are in a constant number at birth, they do not have the ability to reproduce like other cells in your body, and their number decreases over time. It expires around the age of 50 . We physicians call it menopause. It is an irreversible physiological condition.

Our classical knowledge is that the stem cells that form eggs in women are only found in the ovarian tissue, which we call the ovary. However, in some basic science studies, it has been shown that egg-developing stem cells are also present in the blood and bone marrow. Although these studies are not very new, they were done before 10 years. However, clinical success was not achieved in human studies.

Recently, it has been suggested that ovulation can occur in women during menopause by placing stem cells in the egg in human adipose tissue. In animal studies, it has been shown that stem cells from fat or bone marrow tissues transform into egg cells under laboratory conditions and even pregnancy is achieved when they are placed in the ovaries.

Although it is not relatively difficult to obtain stem cells, it is not easy to bring stem cells into potential egg cells under laboratory conditions, and a long process is required.
In other words, giving the stem cells taken from the adipose tissue directly into the eggs without developing them under laboratory conditions is not only easy, but it has not been clinically beneficial yet. Stem cell study requires a multidisciplinary approach, not a method that can be done in the embryology laboratory. It is not correct to present studies made with years of effort simply as an applied treatment with a high chance of success.

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