Special IVF Program for Working Women

Do not experience the stress of your employer or supervisor during treatment. Today, more and more women work due to their living conditions and contribute to the economy. The most important problem in working women, especially in their medical problems, is not being able to go to the doctor due to time constraints.

Prof. Dr. Ulun ULUĞ
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Why does IVF treatment lead to job loss?

Since the treatment lasts for about 2 weeks and they have to come for checkups at least 5 times during this period, it causes a serious loss of work for working women. Going to the ultrasound, sometimes giving blood, getting the result and using the drugs cause a loss of time for almost a few hours. On top of these, traffic adds salt and pepper. As a result, sometimes the spouse of the patient who comes to his control spends at least half a day.

Flexible exam hours are important

In the program, flexible examination hours are arranged and patient check-ups start very early in the morning and working couples catch up with their work. In the same way, you can experience a more comfortable and stress-free treatment by making controls late in the evening.

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