Pregnancy and Zika Virus

Warning for those who will go to South America, Mexico, Central and South Africa, India, Indonesia and the Philippines during pregnancy: Zika virus, which is found to be transmitted by mosquitoes, causes an infection in every 5 people, and the symptoms are mild flu symptoms and pass within 1 week.

Prof. Dr. Ulun ULUĞ
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However, especially in pregnant women, it causes an anomaly called 'microcephaly', in which the baby's head structure prevents growth. Although it is not known at what stage of pregnancy the Zika virus is transmitted to the baby, it has been determined that it can be transmitted during birth. The World Health Organization has given second-degree alarm for this epidemic, which has become widespread recently. There is no vaccine developed yet. Although it is not forbidden for pregnant women to travel to the above-mentioned regions yet, it is not recommended medically. People who will have to travel to these regions should take precautions especially against mosquito bites. Those who suspect that they are infected with Zika virus should drink plenty of fluids, use antipyretic drugs and apply to a health institution. Serial ultrasonographic measurements are recommended in pregnant women with virus detected. It is important for pregnant women who plan to travel to follow the regions where the virus spreads around the world.

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