Natural IVF Treatment

Natural IVF treatment is the process of fertilization by microinjection method by taking the developing egg without using any stimulant in the natural menstrual cycle of the woman.

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What is Natural IVF Treatment?

Assisted reproductive techniques have been applied in our country for many years, giving hope to couples who cannot have children naturally. However, although these methods make the big dreams of couples come true, it is a difficult process for many people because they have high costs. Natural IVF treatment is also used as an alternative to reduce the cost of this difficult process. Natural IVF treatment, in other words, is also described as drug-free IVF treatment. Since the use of drugs is minimal, the cost of the treatment decreases to a certain extent.

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Natural IVF Treatment (Drug-Free Treatment)

Many couples who cannot have children naturally have done a detailed research for in vitro fertilization treatment. Every couple who do this research or receive treatment knows very well that the costs of the drugs used are quite high.

The purpose of these drugs used during treatment is to increase the number of developing eggs. The higher the number of developing and collected eggs, the higher the number of embryos to be obtained for transfer, the higher the success rate will be. For this reason, couples who are considering treatment are generally recommended to be treated in this way if their budget is suitable.

Normally, every woman develops an egg in the natural cycle, that is, during the ovulation period, while in some women, rarely, two or three eggs may develop. However, the quality of these developing eggs may not be at the desired level for treatment. For this reason, grandparent fertilization rates are low.
This is the most important reason for the low pregnancy rate of patients transferred in drug-free IVF treatment, that is, natural IVF treatment.

This is more common in women who have entered the early menopause period or have ovarian aging. However, in some cases, there is no point in giving medication in vain by continuing the treatment process in women who do not have any increase in the number of eggs despite drug therapy. The most correct way to follow for these patients is to take the egg that develops and matures spontaneously in the natural cycle without using drugs when it matures and fertilize it with the microinjection method. In other words, it is to obtain embryos with natural in vitro fertilization treatment.

This treatment method is sometimes preferred by couples because it is necessary and sometimes to reduce the cost. Since there is no need for the use of drugs in natural IVF treatment, it is more cost-effective. In
this treatment, as the side effects of drug use are eliminated, especially the expectant mother will have the opportunity to spend the process much more comfortably.

What is the Success Rate in Treatment?

Unfortunately, the pregnancy rate in natural IVF treatment may be lower than in medicated IVF treatment.
If the success rate in classical IVF treatment, that is, drug in vitro fertilization treatment, is 30%; In natural IVF treatments, this rate drops to 10%.

Although the success rate is low, natural IVF treatment may be more successful for some expectant mothers. In some women, a better quality egg can be obtained by not using drugs for the eggs that develop spontaneously every month.
The disadvantage of natural in vitro fertilization treatment compared to classical in vitro fertilization is that only 1 egg or, rarely, only 2 eggs can be taken from the cycle, so the embryo obtained will be at most 2 eggs. In this case, since there is no embryo option, it may cause a decrease in the pregnancy rate.

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