Microchip IVF Treatment

Today, 50% of infertility problems have a male factor. Inadequacy or problems in sperm count and motility greatly reduce the chance of spontaneous pregnancy. However, microchip IVF treatment, which has been developed in recent years and is very promising, has helped many expectant mothers and fathers to realize their desires. The microchip method was developed by a Turkish scientist at Harvard. This method, which has become increasingly widespread in Turkey, is widely used.

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What is microchip IVF treatment?

Despite all the efforts, in vitro fertilization treatment, which couples who could not have babies, and who could not achieve their wishes despite using other assisted reproductive methods, hoped for help, shows itself once again with another innovation every day.

In vitro fertilization is considered to be more successful when compared to other assisted reproductive methods. With the use of microfluidic chip technology in IVF treatment, a new era was signed. Thanks to this new method, even though it has not become fully widespread in all IVF centers performing in vitro fertilization, it is thought that it will start to be applied in every center with the increase in pregnancy rates obtained with this method and as a result of the birth of healthy babies.

With the effect of couples' desire to have children and the fact that all phases of this treatment are stressful for couples, it will not be difficult to prefer the application of this new method.

What are the advantages of microchip IVF treatment?

The most important advantage of this new method is that it increases the rate of pregnancy in couples in case of male infertility and if the sperm amount of the man is less than necessary.

If couples who want to achieve pregnancy with IVF treatment because of such problems want to have this method applied, the expected success rate will be higher.

With microchip IVF treatment, both the realization of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby are achieved more easily. In terms of couples who want to have a baby from IVF treatment, it is accepted that this method will be a great support in accordance with today's technology.

General information about the microchip method

  1. With the application of the microchip method, a very effective increase in pregnancy rates has been observed. With microfluidic chip technology, it is possible to select sperms with the most ideal DNA structure among sperms. In this way, better embryos can be created and very successful results are obtained. Due to the fact that technology has just gained prevalence, it is not used in every center. However, this method has started to be applied in centers that do not lag behind the development and innovations of in vitro fertilization.
  2. With the microchip in vitro fertilization method, it is ensured that healthy sperm are distinguished from others. Sperm chips are made up of micro-channels. Micro channels also assist in the selection of good quality sperm. With this method, every sperm that is not healthy and whose DNA is slightly damaged is collected in a section. In the other part, quality and undamaged healthy sperm pass through micro channels and are collected there. Therefore, higher pregnancy results are obtained with embryos created from healthy sperm. With the fusion of quality sperm and egg cell and eventually fertilization, blastocyst embryos that reach the 5th day are obtained. The chance of pregnancy is carried even higher with these embryos.
  3. Microchip technology is a method used in different branches and fields besides IVF treatment. With the microinjection method, it is possible for patients with insufficient sperm count to have a baby. However, every day, a new technique and method is being developed for couples who could not get pregnant despite all efforts and opportunities, different reproductive methods were tried but still could not get pregnant. It is quite successful. Microfluidic chip technology in IVF treatment, which has a higher success rate compared to other assisted reproductive treatments, is a revolution for these problems.
  4. The biggest advantage of microchip application in IVF is that it increases the rate of pregnancy in couples in case of male infertility and low sperm count of the male candidate. If couples who want to have a baby with in vitro fertilization treatment with such problems prefer this method, it is inevitable that the success rates will be higher. Pregnancy can be achieved with microchip IVF treatment, and the babies are very healthy in the pregnancies obtained. Because when choosing sperms, the best quality and healthiest ones are preferred. The reason why this method is so successful is to use sperm with the highest quality DNA among sperms. In this way, the DNA structure of the embryos to be created will be of very high quality. In this way, the embryo attaches to the uterus more easily, and the pregnancy develops in a healthy way.

How is microchip IVF treatment applied?

During the IVF treatment, many methods are tried to be developed for the candidates who cannot get pregnant naturally or with other assisted reproductive methods to have a baby. In the treatment of in vitro fertilization with microchip, a treatment that stimulates the ovaries is first applied to the woman to increase the number of eggs. Afterwards, various hormonal drugs are applied to the expectant mother. In this way, it is possible to provide the desired amount of eggs within 1 month.

These egg cells are fertilized with sperm cells taken from the father-to-be under laboratory conditions. In this way, candidates are tried to achieve pregnancy. These steps are the same steps that were performed in the classical IVF treatment. However, if quality embryos are not selected among the embryos, the chance of obtaining pregnancy will decrease.

In microchip IVF treatment, the chance of pregnancy increases with high-quality embryos. Thanks to the improved sperm chips, the micro-channels created by the hormones have been tried to be compared with the body's own functioning. Just like a filter, healthy and high quality sperm are distinguished one by one from the others. These healthy sperms in the micro-channels are collected in a different area. After the fertilization of the sperms, which have been differentiated by the microinjection method, with the egg cell, the chances of the candidates who want to become mothers and fathers increase.

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