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Doctor Selection

IVF stages, first decision: The first issue that couples who want to have a child should think about is the choice of doctor. First of all, it is necessary to choose a doctor who is an expert and experienced in this field. The first mistake our patients make is distance and proximity. If you want to get good results in this regard, you need to know that the important thing is not the distance but the experienced doctor. Choosing a doctor who has been in this business for years will give you confidence. On the social media and website of the doctor you are researching; You can have more detailed information with articles and videos. How long he has been dealing with infertility, his scientific articles and his foreign education will guide you in this regard. Internet research like this before a face-to-face interview will help you choose a doctor. Seeing the good news and happy couples we saw during our physician research also gives us encouragement about the process. Thanks to the developing web world, you can also see the TV programs, newspapers and magazines that our doctor participates in.

Thanks to your experienced doctor selection, you will see that you continue the process more reliably. Because; The experience of your doctor will show you the truth even in the negative situations you encounter during the process. In fact, with the experience of your doctor, you will overcome even your psychological problems during this period very easily.

If you want to have a comfortable and comfortable treatment, you should choose the right doctor.

First Inspection

After the choice of doctor, the first examination is the most exciting period for our patients. It is important to prepare yourself for what your doctor has to say. We recommend that you bring all the tests you and your spouse have had up to that time with you. I recommend that you take notes before the interview in order not to forget the questions in your mind after the excitement and the doctor's guidance you heard.

When you go to the doctor's examination, the first action is to open your file record. For file registration, you and your spouse are asked for your identity information, contact information and address. The reason for requesting your identity information; it is a condition stipulated by the state if treatment is started in order to have a child. Your contact information is taken to inform you and your spouse during the treatment process and to discuss the results of the analysis. If your address is; In case of any pregnancy, the district health directorate should be informed along with your address. Therefore, it is a mandatory information.

The next step after your file registration is opened is your preliminary interview. In this preliminary meeting; a permanent disease, the drugs you have to use, your previous treatments and tests are noted. The aim here is to take precautions if you have any diseases or allergies. Asking about the analyzes is a guide in the next process. It will also help you not to have tests or films taken again. Asking about your previous treatments will also guide the physician and will not be repeated while determining the next process.

IVF Stages: After the Preliminary Interview

After your pre-interview is over, the most exciting part is meeting your doctor. Since your information went to the doctor through the employees, your doctor will have gotten to know you more or less and have an idea about what you have been through. Then the employees will take you to the doctor's brain room to meet with your doctor and be examined. Your doctor will also want to listen to your situation. I recommend that you stay with your spouse until this process. Because IVF treatment is a couple treatment. It is not only for women, but rather a process where spousal support is important. Your doctor will examine you for uterine and ovarian control after listening to your condition and looking at your tests. In this process, we, as physicians, are aware that this is the situation that women fear and dislike the most. But unfortunately we have no other option to help and guide you. In this case, you can at least get support from our assistant or nurse who is with us to accompany you.

After the examination, your doctor will give you information about the process and give you the necessary supplements. Or, you can request tests and prescribe your vitamin supplements after the examination according to your results. We also ask you to ask the questions that you have in mind and take notes beforehand. In this way, both your doctor will relax you and you will get rid of your problems or questions.

After meeting with your doctor, his assistants will also inform you about the process. They will even give you a file where the process is written. Since there is contact information of the assistant and nurse in the file, you can contact us if you have forgotten or did not understand during the examination, or if there is a matter on your mind about your medications.

Starting treatment

My patients say that it is difficult to make a decision during this process. Actually, I think making a decision is the easy part of treatment. Needles used in the process after the start of the procedures or waiting for the result can be a more challenging period. As I always suggest to my own patients, gentlemen, most of the work falls to you. One of the things I believe is the stress factor in this period. In general, the impressions are that the result of a stress-free treatment is positive.

After deciding to start, the first day of the period is called and an appointment is made. On the 2nd or 3rd day, you are called for control for treatment. The purpose of this check is whether there is any obstacle to start treatment. If you do not have an ovarian cyst, treatment is started. When you say cyst, don't think bad things. In such a situation, do not worry, your cyst will be dissolved with a simple birth control drug and treatment will be started the next month. What do they say, don't be too late. Starting treatment means that you start the weight-loss needles that you hear from ear to ear. While we're on the subject, let's get this clear. No such thing! Needles do not make weight. Maximum 500 gr. it could be. It is a condition that passes after treatment. I think the weight gain here is the supportive vitamin pills that open your appetite. Here, too, you have a great job. You should pay attention.

Avoid caffeine, smoking and alcohol use!

You use a needle from the navel for approximately 10-12 days and go to your doctor 3-4 times to check the egg size. You should always be careful and meticulous in this process. Because a needle you use incorrectly can change the course of your treatment. As a result, we are striving for the same purpose. Our couple should also be careful in this regard. Of course, I have patients who get stressed because I say that. There is absolutely nothing to be stressed about. We just want you to be careful. I know it's hard, but we want you to be careful and comfortable. In this process, it happens in the things that we prohibit. Caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol. We're not saying don't drink coffee, but you can have a maximum of one glass a day. I definitely do not recommend you to drink for cigarettes and alcohol. You will realize that this period will pass more comfortably by supporting each other.

The process after your eggs have grown, your cracking needles, there is a clock application that you need to pay attention to. Here you have to be on time and do it on time. Unfortunately, it can cause irreversible errors. While we have put so much effort into it, neither you nor we want it to go to waste.

Egg collection process

The time you need to be in the hospital on the day of your egg collection is very important. Missing this time may cause you to enter the egg collection process late. This means that your ovary will crack before your doctor collects it. Neither your doctor nor you want such a situation. That's why you need to be on time.

Egg collection is a 15-20 minute process. You won't feel a thing because you're under anesthesia. After the procedure, there may be pain and bleeding such as menstrual pain, which is normal. After the procedure, they will discharge you after resting in the hospital for 1-2 hours.

Attention to Medication

As before egg collection, you will have important medicines that you need to use after. You should carefully apply the treatment given by your doctor. Your excited wait begins from now on. “Are your eggs fertilized?” “How many embryos have you produced?” “How is their quality?” Questions like these will be among the most frequently asked questions in the next process. In this process, you will be contacted daily and given information about them. Of course, you will spend this process very excited. If your embryos show a good development, you will be called for transfer within 2-5 days. In some special cases, freezing can be done. In this process, the freezing process is performed instead of the transfer on the day of transfer.

Transfer day

I wanted to write a separate post especially for today. As far as I feel from my patients, it is the most panicked day. The transfer process does not take place under anesthesia like the egg retrieval process. It is a simpler process. You can think of it as an inspection. You just need to be constricted with urine in order for your procedure to be more comfortable for the physician and for you to have a painless procedure. Here, too, I am on the side that generally struggles with my patients. ☺

Being stuck in urine is a process related condition. Being cramped means that the process will go smoothly and comfortably. We're not talking about a tightness that can't be stopped. It will be enough to drink 5 glasses of water and walk. According to your own situation, you should adjust this time frame according to the transfer time. If you are not cramped, your process can be difficult. In other words, your transaction will not be negative, but it will be a difficult transaction. That's why you always want to be careful about this.

The emotional part of the process is; It is a comfortable and stress-free procedure. In this process, you and your spouse should support each other and try to be comfortable. I think you should leave yourself to the peace of mind that I am now pregnant and there is no worry.

Post transfer

The transfer is a 10-minute process. After the procedure, we would like you to be taken to your bed on a stretcher and lie down for 45 minutes. Then you can go to the toilet. You might think, “Am I going to hold my toilet for 45 minutes?” However, this is not necessary as your bladder will put pressure on the uterus. On the contrary, we do not want you to hold it. Our staff members there will give you a bolt. And they will ask you to do your toilet. Please do not object to this. We are aware that it is not a very pleasant situation, but we are on the same team. We neither recommend nor enforce things that will harm you. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices. Most of the work falls to you ladies. That's why heaven is under the feet of our mothers. I will not hesitate to say it again, but please, gentlemen, you need to cherish your ladies in all this suffering.

I recommend that you do not rush to leave the hospital and go home, avoid sudden movements and travel while lying down or sitting if possible. (You can go by stretching your feet in the back seat of your vehicle.)

Rest Condition

When you come home, 2 days of rest is a must. Here, ladies, you can stretch your feet and take the pain out of other tiring days ☺ Except as a joke, you can take care of your own chores such as eating and going to the toilet for 2 days. We do not want you to sleep all the time, but to live your daily life slowly and slowly. Frankly, it is best to spend 2 days of your tiredness by resting at home for 2 days. You can then return to your daily life. Working women can return to work. Housewives can return to housework. But I suggest you not to tire yourself physically and spiritually.

It is important that you use the drugs without interruption. The next process is a process that will pass with waiting and patience. In 12 days your big day will come. It's not about stressing you out that we ask you for a test after 12 days. The earliest and most accurate pregnancy is determined today. I know you want to get it done early and get results. But it does nothing but stress yourself out. Because you can't get the right result. On the contrary, you will either upset yourself or be delusional early on. But once you see, your result on the 12th day is different. The best thing is to be patient. After all, you've been waiting for days, won't you wait 2-3 days? I fully trust you on this. Ladies will get through this too.

In this process; sneezing, coughing, climbing stairs, bending over do not drop your embryo. You can eat and drink whatever you want except caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol. You can also drink herbal teas without overdoing it. My advice is to eat protein-rich foods. You drink lots of water. And this rest is your enjoyment of the waiting period.

Result day

When the big day comes, meet this result with your spouse. If the result is positive, everything is very good and your efforts have paid off. But the drug process is not over and will continue for a while. I wish you the best of luck with your baby.

The issue that needs to be supported here is the part if our result is negative. Mom-to-be, you are more precious and valuable than anything else. This negative result should not bring you down. On the contrary, you should give more courage and keep going. Don't think it's easy for us to say. I may not be as sad as you, but believe me, it is a situation that upsets me a lot. I would like to laugh together and meet the good result. But how do we become warrior mothers if we immediately collapse when it is negative. Shall we accept the first defeat before our child is born?

When the whole class learns to read, you will experience the situation that yours has not learned yet. Wait, don't give up now. You will get through this process together with your doctor. The process for you begins now. Nobody wants to, but this is not defeat. The first half of the game is over. The second half is just getting started. On the contrary, this situation should refer you for treatment again.

“Why not?” I hear this most from my patients. A solution is found and the road continues. There is always a solution. This treatment will help us with the solution. If you stand firm, we will get through this together. This is the period when I always want to be with our patients. I wish I had a magic wand and do everything as we want, but I don't. With time, this process will pass and you will continue on your way with stronger steps. Your child may be trying you for parenting even before he is born ☺ You should always think about the beautiful and the good and move on.

We are IVF doctors who will be your supporters in difficult times.

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