Intraovarian PRP Preparation and Injection

Prof. Dr. Ulun ULUĞ
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Preparation of Intraovarian PRP: In IVF treatment, we place the embryos inside the uterus. Having a certain thickness of the uterine layer is very important for the realization of pregnancy. Generally, on the day of transfer, it is desired that the uterine layer, which we call the endometrium, is 7 mm and above. In a research I have done, I have shown that the uterine layer is 7mm and below, which reduces pregnancy rates. Thinning of the uterine layer in the last period of IVF treatment is an important issue that needs to be treated. I recommend hysteroscopy, intrauterine application treatment and sometimes PRP to patients with thin uterine lining. With the special drug method that we apply as if transferring embryos into the uterus, both an increase in the layer and an increase in pregnancy rates are observed. In addition, additional treatments are required to increase the blood flow to the uterus in order to thicken the uterine layer.

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