Intralipid Serum Treatment

Although we provide quality embryos in IVF treatments and we do not see any problems in the expectant mother, pregnancy does not develop in some cases. One of the most important reasons for recurrent IVF failures is related to the immune system.

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What is Intralipid Serum Therapy?

An increased immunity in the uterine tissue or throughout the body reduces the likelihood of the transferred embryo becoming pregnant. Since the transferred Embryo may see the uterus as a foreign organ, it may reduce the potential for pregnancy. Especially in expectant mothers with recurrent IVF failure, there is an increased immunity, that is, the immune system. The immune system includes very complex mechanisms, some of which we have not yet discovered clearly. In such cases, we apply some treatments that reduce or modify the immune system. Contrary to what is believed here, we do not reduce the general immune system of the body and make it suitable for microbes. We measure the immune system by applying tests such as CD 56. We apply serum in IVF treatment in patients with a high immune system that will inhibit urea. We get positive results especially in patients with recurrent IVF failure by balancing the immune system with this serum called intralipid. Intralipid treatment is applied in several sessions depending on the patient's condition. In some cases, it continues after conception.

Which patients are suitable for intralipid serum therapy?

  1. Quality embryos have been obtained
  2. Uterine deformity
  3. In patients who do not have genetic problems, but whose at least 2 transfers have resulted in negative results, intralipid serum therapy is applied if immune tests are found to be problematic. In addition, intralipid serum therapy is considered for patients with recurrent early pregnancy losses whose causes have continued unequivocally.

Intralipid serum treatment is performed with a preparation containing emulsified oil, prepared with a special concentration, which lasts approximately 45 minutes. Rarely, allergic reactions develop.

Intralipid serum therapy is applied at different stages during IVF treatment. In those with a very high immune system, it may be necessary to control blood levels after treatment.

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