How long does it take to treat the test-tube baby?

The methods applied to candidates in IVF treatment are examined in 2 different groups. One of these methods is expressed as short in vitro fertilization treatment. This treatment method is the shortest in vitro fertilization treatment and this treatment is completed in about 15 days on average.

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How long does it take to treat the test-tube baby?

Apart from this method, there is another treatment method that is more effective. However, it is stated that the average completion time of this treatment, together with the applied protocols, continues around 20 days. As a matter of fact, there is no definite treatment period for IVF treatment.

The completion time of IVF treatment is determined by the mother and father candidates themselves. In short, the treatment method to be applied to each candidate is slightly different from the treatment methods applied to other candidates. While some patient groups have to go through all the stages of the treatment one by one, some patient groups may even start from the last step, depending on the situation, since their diseases are not very advanced. For this reason, the duration of the treatment applied to the candidates differs from person to person.

However, if it still needs to be given for a certain period of time, it has a treatment system that differs from approximately 10 days to 15 days. During the application of IVF treatment, there is no need to stay in the hospital. On the days of treatment performed by the doctor, the patient comes to the hospital, the treatment is carried out, and then the candidate is discharged to his home during the day. During IVF treatment, if the candidate who will perform the treatment is a male, the treatment of father candidates is completed in a short time like 1 day.

When IVF treatment is completed, the possibility of encountering unsuccessful results should also be considered. With the initiation of treatment, if the expected response from the ovaries is not obtained, it may even be necessary to terminate the treatment. If a motile sperm cannot be found in the sperms by the father-to-be, the treatment may be canceled in the same way. In this treatment method, which is most likely to be successful, there is also a case of cancellation, albeit very slightly.

What is the waiting period in treatment?

After the embryo transfer takes place, an average of 15 days later, a pregnancy test is done to the expectant mother. This 15-day process can be quite troublesome and challenging. If the candidates prepare themselves for this difficult period before starting the treatment, they will feel more comfortable psychologically. Because after such a long and tiring treatment, a successful result cannot always be achieved, and it is a situation that should be reported to and accepted by the couples before starting IVF treatment. As a result of many studies, the best success rate was recorded in the data that occurred in the 2nd and 3rd trials.

During this waiting period, candidates should find any hobby to keep them busy and behave quite comfortably. Because as a result of intense stress, the possibility of being pregnant is at a great risk.

Do smoking, alcohol and nutrition affect the duration of the IVF treatment?

Before starting the application of IVF treatment, it is necessary to stop smoking and alcohol use. If the father-to-be smokes, they should quit smoking at least 2 months before starting the treatment. It is important for prospective mothers and fathers with excess weight to get rid of excess weight and fat in their bodies before starting IVF treatment, in order to achieve success as a result of the treatment. Existing excess weight negatively affects IVF treatment. As a result, there is a decrease in success rates. In this regard, it is not limited to IVF treatment only. If you cannot have a baby and want to be treated, it will be beneficial for the result of the treatment to stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and similar harmful and addictive substances at least 3 months before starting the treatment.

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