How Are Birth Control Pills Used?

Birth control pills are one of the most preferred methods of protection against unwanted pregnancies in family planning. Thanks to the hormones in its content, it prevents pregnancy by temporarily stopping the ovulation process. However, it is an effective and reliable method as a result of using it correctly and regularly.

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What are birth control pills?

It may lose its protective effect in irregular use such as forgetting its daily use or taking it too much. For this reason, it poses a pregnancy risk since it cannot have an effect for its purpose.

How should birth control pills be used?

Before you start using birth control pills, you must go through a gynecological control. Although there are many types of these pills, they differ due to the hormones they contain. For this reason, it is very important to determine the most suitable drug for the person. Uncontrolled drug intake will cause some health problems depending on the person, and it will be inevitable to experience various side effects.

In line with your doctor's recommendation;

  • The pills should be taken at the same time every day, on a full stomach.
  • Most birth control pills have 21 pills, some have 28. These drugs should be used without interruption. After the end of the box, there is a break for a week. During this period, menstrual bleeding occurs. After the menstrual bleeding, the second box should be started. If menstrual bleeding does not occur in the meantime, you should definitely take a pregnancy test before starting the second box. You may face a possible pregnancy.
  • It may lose its effect if taken together with some drugs. Various antibiotics, especially penicillin, can cause an unexpected pregnancy as they reduce the protection rate of the pills. During these periods, it is beneficial to use additional protection methods such as condoms.
  • There is no harm in starting birth control pills immediately after miscarriage or abortion. However, the use of birth control pills during breastfeeding is not recommended. These pills affect the content and quantity of breast milk. Mothers who are not breastfeeding for some reason can start combination pills 6 weeks after giving birth. Again, it is not recommended to be used during puerperium.

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