Growth Hormone Treatment in IVF Treatments

Growth hormone has many functions in our body. Contrary to popular belief, growth hormone is not only important for childhood, but also has cellular effects in adulthood.

Prof. Dr. Ulun ULUĞ
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Growth hormone is released from an organ in our brain, which we call the pituitary, just behind the root of our nose, the size of a chickpea. It is also secreted in the pituitary gland in hormones called FSH and LH, which provide ovulation function. Growth hormone plays a role in many enzymatic reactions that enable the cell to come and multiply, as well as having metabolic effects at the cellular level.

Decreased egg reserve or insufficiency of eggs has been observed quite frequently in recent years due to living conditions and advancing age at first marriage. The number of applications with the complaint of decreased ovarian reserve in our own clinic has increased tremendously. It is the fact that there are much less egg cells in the decreased ovarian reserve than the amount that should be according to the age group. In the early 2000s, pregnancy results were investigated in patients who were treated with growth hormone, especially in the group with reduced ovarian reserve, but no clear result was obtained. The main aim is to increase the number of eggs collected rather than pregnancy rates.

My research was published in an internationally respected journal. In patients with low and normal ovarian reserve, growth hormone levels in the ovaries were examined, not blood levels. Insulin-like growth hormone (IGF-1) level in the sample taken from the ovary with an egg collection needle was lower in patients with significantly reduced reserve. In other words, egg growth is associated with growth hormone in cases with reduced egg count. In this context, growth hormone therapy is beneficial in this group of patients.

Growth hormone is a method that the patient can apply on his own. In practical use, it is offered for sale with names such as genotropin, seizen, humatrope. The dose and duration of the drug vary according to the patient's condition.

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