Effects of Modern Life on Infertility

Among the Effects of Modern Life on Infertility The ideas that living standards have increased thanks to the opportunities offered by the developing technology are undisputedly accepted by everyone. In addition, it offers a solution to most diseases in medical opportunities that develop in parallel with technology. However, besides the benefits of these opportunities, they also cause serious problems affecting modern life.

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Infertility has emerged as one of the most common problems of our age. Couples who want to be mothers and fathers are unable to fulfill their wishes without medical support due to changing life conditions. For this reason, many in vitro fertilization centers provide service in our country. Although there are many factors that cause infertility, one of the most important factors is modern life.

Technological devices that make life easier and indispensable can cause serious problems such as infertility. The laptop computer used causes a decrease in sperm quality due to the temperature. Sperm cells divide and multiply quite rapidly. Therefore, it is very sensitive to external influences.

Infertility rates in Turkey

In our country, 15 out of every hundred couples face the problem of infertility. 45% of this rate includes men. As the effect of modern life, there is a serious increase in this problem. The main reasons for this problem are due to environmental factors.

Effects of Modern Life on Infertility

Factors causing infertility

  • Electronic devices,
  • Air pollution,
  • Water pollution,
  • Environmental pollution,
  • hormonal foods,
  • toxic substances,
  • Medicines,
  • Cigarettes and alcohol,
  • The fact that laptops are especially on the lap affects the testicles negatively due to heat and radiation.

In addition, the pockets of the trousers in the trouser pocket cause the testicles to be exposed to an extremely high electromagnetic field. In this case, the sperms are adversely affected. In addition, smoking and alcohol habits, sedentary lifestyle, exposure to radiation, deprivation of fresh air, and not eating healthy are the negative effects that lead to infertility in modern life. Changes in the world, changes in habits, worsening of diet affect human health negatively. Consumption of fast food, especially fried foods, triggers infertility.

How does modern life affect couples to have children?

Especially due to the fact that today's women focus on their business life, they delay the reproductive age. For this reason, the ovaries, which are negatively affected by the advancing age factor, prevent having a child. This is the most important effect of modern life on women. While fertility reaches its maximum level between the ages of 20-25, this level decreases after the age of 25, especially after the age of 32. For this reason, not delaying pregnancy due to the age factor will directly provide fertility.

Is the increase in low rates the effect of technology?

Technology is not the most important reason for the increase in in vitro fertilization rates with the increase in miscarriage rates. It is the late pregnancy of women. The more advanced the age, the more likely it is to result in a miscarriage between 20-25%. While the success rate of couples who want to have a child after 35 is 50%, couples aged 25 have an 85% chance of success. Therefore, we cannot say that it is only the effect of technology.

Does diet have an effect on infertility?

Another problem brought by modern life is caused by eating habits. The most important problem brought by eating habits is obesity. Although obesity does not have much effect on fertility, it causes suppression of ovulation. As the weight increases, ovulation decreases inversely. In short, if a woman produces 12 eggs a year, it means she is 12 times fertile. If it has reached the obesity limit, this fertility will decrease up to 50%.

Invitation of modern life to stress

People are exposed to intense stress due to reasons such as prolongation of working hours, traffic stress, living conditions, economic and environmental factors. Stress affects the reproductive system, causing sexual reluctance and a decrease in the duration of sexuality. While it affects ovulation functions in women, infertility problem is inevitable because it causes loss of erection in men.

Sexually transmitted diseases can cause infertility

With modern life, the concept of monogamy is weakening. While women and men live their sexual lives freely, it also causes the transmission of sexual diseases in this way.

While the sexually transmitted chlamydia and gonorrhea bacteria cause obstruction in the tubes, it also causes obstruction in the sperm ducts in men. The sperm cell that can fertilize the egg with a healthy egg must have a certain ability. Since fertilization cannot occur due to these problems, the problem of infertility arises. Again, the only solution is to turn to in vitro fertilization treatments, which is one of the possibilities offered by technology.

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