Does IVF Treatment Hurt?

This treatment method is a treatment method that does not cause any pain and side effects to expectant mothers and fathers. But for couples seeking psychological support, it can be a bit overwhelming.

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Is IVF treatment a painful treatment method?

During the stages to be applied in the treatment, the mother and father-to-be need psychological support. During the treatment period, the financial and moral support that the mother and father-to-be will receive from their environment is of great importance. No matter what environment they are in during the treatment process, when they take the baby of their dreams at the end of the treatment, they forget all the pain and distress they felt.

Is anesthesia necessary?

When the egg collection stage is reached in IVF treatment, local or general anesthesia should be applied to the expectant mother. Previously, because anesthesia technology was not possible, the eggs of the patients had to be performed while the patients were awake and without anesthetizing. For this reason, expectant mothers suffer severely. However, in today's conditions, with local or general anesthesia, these stages can be overcome quite easily, and then the expectant mother can continue her daily life from where she left off.

After the egg collection step is completed, the sperm cells supplied from the father-to-be and the egg cell taken from the mother-to-be are fertilized under laboratory conditions. The embryos obtained are transferred to the uterus of the expectant mother after 2 or 5 days. In this application, there is no harm or suffering to the expectant mother in any way. The application is completed in 5 minutes on average. There is no need to apply general or local anesthesia to the expectant mother during the transfer process.

After the application process is performed, the expectant mother continues to use hormonal drugs. The drugs used do not cause any pain or pain to the expectant mother in the same way.

When does the egg collection stage begin?

After the stimulation step of the ovaries, after an average of 15 days, the egg collection phase begins. Eggs that grow and reach the desired development are collected by means of vaginal ultrasonography. At this stage, local anesthesia is applied so that the expectant mother does not feel any discomfort. In this way, the expectant mother does not feel pain or pain in any way.

Eggs collected in sterile tubes with needles are sent to laboratory centers with local anesthesia and special equipment. The egg collection step is completed in a short time like 20 minutes and the expectant mother does not feel any pain or pain at this stage. The side effects of this method are the side effects of the surgical intervention. If it is done by specialist doctors in the field, no side effects are seen in the candidates.

Will I experience pain or pain during the egg retrieval process?

During the application of IVF treatment, the expectant mother needs to use various drugs to stimulate the eggs. Then, with the vaginal ultrasonography examination, the transition to the egg collection stage is made. Thanks to local anesthesia, eggs taken into sterile tubes with special materials and needles are kept under appropriate conditions in the laboratory environment.

Egg collection is a process that does not cause any unexpected and distressing situations, as long as it is performed by experienced, meticulous and skilled experts. During the egg collection process, the expectant mother does not feel any pain. However, after the egg collection step, the expectant mother may feel a pain that can be relieved with the help of mild painkillers. The pain he feels will not be any more.

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