Details to be Considered Before Vaccination Treatment

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What is the grafting method?

In the vaccination method, sperm washing applied under laboratory conditions is a factor that increases the success. The washed sperm cells are transferred to the uterus of the expectant mother by means of an injector.

In the majority of unexplained infertility problems, the first treatment method applied to couples who cannot conceive naturally is vaccination. The grafting method is a very easy-to-apply assisted reproduction method. It is the first method tried because of its ease of application and lower cost compared to IVF treatment.

In this treatment; The sperm obtained from the male candidate is left in the uterus of the woman.

Couples who have difficulties in conceiving and have regular sexual intercourse for a year without protection should definitely consult a specialist. In this case, it is necessary to carry out research and examinations for infertility. Initial research for infertility problem; While it is sperm analysis for male candidates, it is a uterine film for female candidates. If no problem can be detected as a result of the examinations to be made, the vaccination method should be applied first.

Before resorting to the vaccination method, both couples should be investigated for infertility and the problem should be determined. In order to give the right dose and the right drugs to the expectant mother for stimulating the ovaries, the problem must be detected. After drug use, the development of egg cells is followed at regular and frequent intervals. If the eggs reach the desired size and maturity, a cracking needle is applied. After 32-36 hours after this injection, the vaccination process is started. It is very important that the couple is in the center at the specified time after the cracking needle. At this point, if necessary, estrogen values in the blood can also be examined during ultrasound controls in order to control egg cells.

16 details to consider before vaccination treatment

  1. Before starting the vaccination treatment, the reasons for not getting pregnant should be investigated.
  2. Sperm analysis of the male candidate should be done.
  3. The expectant mother is examined in detail and the condition of the uterus and ovaries is investigated.
  4. Hormone values are important for ovulation treatment. For this reason, the doctor may request a hormone test.
  5. HSG (medicated womb-tube film), hysteroscopy, or laparoscopy may be required before inoculation therapy to investigate if the tubes are blocked.
  6. It is necessary to enter into sexual abstinence 3 days before the vaccination treatment. However, the duration of sexual abstinence should not exceed 5 days.
  7. Expectant mothers and fathers should be prepared psychologically for this treatment. Only the participation of the expectant mother in this process will increase the stress. For this reason, support may be sought from the immediate environment.
  8. It should be known that the treatment process can tire the couple psychologically, if not medically. For this reason, we should not hesitate to seek psychological counseling if necessary.
  9. Stress in daily life should be kept to a minimum. Especially the expectant mother should avoid extremely stressful environments.
  10. During the treatment, the mother and father-to-be should support each other at every stage of the treatment. The couple should not withhold mutual emotional support.
  11. It is not recommended for the mother and father-to-be to do any heavy exercises or be in extremely hot environments before the treatment.
  12. If the expectant mother is a smoker, she should have quit 3 months before the treatment.
  13. The prospective mother and father should have an idea about the treatment before starting the treatment.
  14. If the couple has a question mark about the treatments applied, they should ask these questions to their doctor without hesitation.
  15. The father-to-be is more free during the treatment, but the mother-to-be should be present at every stage of the treatment. If possible, the father-to-be should take care to attend every examination and should not leave the mother-to-be alone.
  16. The expectant mother should reach the appropriate weight. Being underweight or being overweight negatively affects the chances of pregnancy.

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