Cancer Treatment at a Young Age

It is recommended to use a GnRH analogue drug that suppresses ovarian functions together with the treatment, so that women who receive chemotherapy for cancer treatment at a young age do not enter early menopause.

Prof. Dr. Ulun ULUĞ
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As a result of studies conducted in different hospitals in the United States and Italy, when the ovarian function-suppressing hormone treatment called Triptorelin is added to chemotherapy, the probability of entering menopause is reduced compared to other patients and the chances of spontaneous pregnancy after treatment are found to be higher.

Every year in our country, thousands of young people, that is, of childbearing age, are diagnosed with cancer and then chemotherapy is started.

As it is known, the drugs used in chemotherapy not only kill cancer cells, but also negatively affect healthy ovarian cells, leading to early menopause. Unfortunately, most patients who are concerned about saving lives when diagnosed with cancer do not dwell on this detail. With the developing technology, most cancers in the youth age are now easily treated and patients continue their lives. However, almost half of the patients face the problem of not having a child due to early ovarian failure.

If early precautions are taken, both cancer is treated and reproductive functions are not lost. In such cases, the main task falls not only on the patients, but on us, the physicians. With a multidisciplinary approach, both the oncologist and the obstetrician should embrace the treatment and treatment should be started without losing time, depending on the patient's condition.

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