10 Ways to Prevent Infertility

Frankly, we cannot say that infertility, which is seen in most of the couples who apply for IVF treatments, poses a great danger in terms of success. Thanks to the developing technology, successful results are obtained with treatment methods for these problems of couples who cannot have children.

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Infertility is not a disease of a particular gender. It can be seen in men as well as in women depending on some factors. In addition, it should be known that infertility is a problem that includes many factors that it can cause. Therefore, some measures can be taken to prevent or minimize the effects that may cause infertility.

Avoid harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol, drugs

It has been proven that the biggest impact on infertility problems, especially in recent years, is caused by harmful habits. While smoking is a danger in itself in terms of human health, it also causes infertility as well as serious health problems. While it affects the egg functions of women, it causes sperm cell disorder in men and prevents having children. Likewise, alcohol and drugs play a role in the problem of infertility.

Stay away from stress

The biggest danger today after smoking is due to the effects of stress. Along with psychological problems, stress, which causes health problems that can affect human metabolism, especially causes the inability to have children. For a quality and healthy life, you should stay away from stress as much as possible and provide the most suitable life conditions for you.

Eat healthy

Irregularities in the hormones FSH and LH, which provide sperm production, are the most common form. Deficiency of these hormones can also cause infertility. Providing the vitamins and minerals that the body needs means having a healthy body. Most people face many health problems by eating unconsciously in this regard. Proper nutrition is necessary for the healthy functioning of the nervous system, circulatory system and reproductive system. Excess weight or being underweight forms the basis of an unhealthy body. For this reason, it invites many health problems as well as infertility problems. You can avoid the problem of infertility by doing the right nutrition and weight control.

Have your gynecological control examination regularly, at least once a year

It is one of the factors that cause infertility in genital diseases. In particular, women's infertility treatment is more risky than men. Many women neglect these controls and lose their chance of having children. Therefore, infertility can be prevented through early diagnosis by regular health checks.

Avoid sexually transmitted diseases

Some sexually transmitted diseases can cause diseases such as PID and cause infertility problems in men and women. For this reason, it is important to stay away from relationships that may pose a risk for such diseases or to use condoms. Individuals at risk for sexually transmitted diseases in the community should undergo health screening at regular intervals.

Beware of advancing age

Since the reproductive potential decreases with the advancement of age, especially in women, it is necessary to consider the age factor when planning marriage and pregnancy. As time progresses, the successful birth rate decreases, leading to infertility problems.

Review your working conditions

If you work in a workplace dealing with chemicals, you should investigate whether inhaling or coming into contact with these substances can create a problem with infertility. Components that occur in most workplaces cause health problems as well as infertility.

Do not ignore genital health problems in men

Early detection and treatment of diseases such as undescended testis or varicocele in men that will reduce sperm quality are problems that require early intervention in order to experience infertility. It has been proven that injury to the testicles, cancers developing in the testis and mumps after puberty cause infertility at a rate of 25%.

In general, the society should be made aware of reproductive health.

Especially after a certain age, girls and boys should be guided by giving correct information. Behaviors from this age can cause serious infertility problems in later years. Ways of protection from sexual diseases, the importance of doctor check-ups and raising awareness of the society in creating the necessary conditions for a healthy life will not only affect social life conditions, but also prevent health problems.

Avoid extremely hot environments and tight clothing

The main reasons affecting the reproductive system, especially in men, are among the factors affecting sperm production such as being in extremely hot environments, such as Turkish baths and saunas. In addition, tight underwear and tight pants cause infertility problems by compressing the genital area and preventing sperm cells.

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