10 Key Points to Consider During Pregnancy

Prof. Dr. Ulun ULUĞ
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Do not skip exercise during pregnancy!

It is very important to keep the body vigorous and strong during pregnancy. Exercises during pregnancy; It ensures that the process is overcome more easily, the birth is easier and the recovery process after birth is faster. But exercises during pregnancy are different from normal exercises. The exercises that the expectant mother does during pregnancy should not be slow-paced. The expectant mother should not be too tired. During pregnancy, the expectant mother should take regular walks every day. Apart from this, swimming, yoga and pilates movements suitable for pregnancy are among the recommended exercises. It is definitely not recommended to make sudden movements or movements that will cause the mother to be out of breath all of a sudden.

Weight gain during pregnancy

Another issue that the expectant mother should pay attention to during pregnancy is her weight. Although the amount of weight gained varies according to the weight before pregnancy, it is normal to gain 9-13 kilograms during pregnancy in general. Until the 20th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother should gain 2-3 kilograms. From this gestational week to the 26th week of pregnancy, she should gain 2-3 more kilograms. It is very important to pay attention to the diet in order to gain healthy weight.

Business life

If your doctor does not see any inconvenience in your work, you can continue your business life. However, your job should be one that will not tire you and does not require continuous physical activity. If your job is tiring you out, you may need to take a break until delivery. In such cases, the risk of early pregnancy can be seen.

Journey in pregnancy

If your pregnancy is not a risky pregnancy and your doctor does not see any inconvenience, there will be no harm in taking short trips. However, if you have to take long trips, you should take frequent breaks and take a walk. There is no inconvenience in your flight within the country. However, for air travel, you must provide documents showing that you are pregnant and that it is okay for you to travel.

Showering during pregnancy

During pregnancy and postpartum period, the expectant mother can take a shower comfortably. The points to be considered at this stage are that the water is not too hot or too cold. Care should be taken to take a shower in a hygienic bathroom for possible infection risks. Apart from this, necessary precautions should be taken in terms of slip and fall risks.

Clothes to choose during pregnancy

It is also necessary to pay attention to the clothes preferred during pregnancy. The expectant mother should wear practical clothes that she will be comfortable in. Tight socks or tight pants will disturb the expectant mother. Shoes to be worn should be flat and comfortable. Since the weight point of the expectant mother changes during pregnancy, there may be balance disorders. For this reason, heeled or uncomfortable shoes should not be worn.

Bowel problems

During pregnancy, the bowel movements of the expectant mother may be irregular. Constipation is a problem that can be experienced during pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to form the habit of going to the toilet at least once a day during pregnancy. To avoid problems such as constipation, try to consume fibrous foods, fruits and vegetables. Be careful not to interrupt your daily water needs. The problem of constipation will be minimized with simple exercises and the right diet.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy

If your doctor does not mind, there is no harm in having sexual intercourse during pregnancy. The baby is not harmed in any way due to sexual intercourse. However, sexual intercourse should be avoided in the last month of pregnancy. If pregnancy is risky, bleeding is present and early pregnancy risk is mentioned, sexual intercourse should be avoided.

Stretch marks during pregnancy

It is normal to have stretch marks during pregnancy. How intense these cracks will be varies from each pregnant woman to each pregnant woman. Although it is a genetic condition, its treatment is unfortunately not possible. You need to adjust the moisture and water balance of your body so that cracks do not form. Exercises and diet will help in minimizing the formation of cracks.

Oral and dental health of the expectant mother during pregnancy

Oral and dental health of pregnant women should be done before conception. Examination and treatments performed before conception will be healthier. Interventions to the teeth during pregnancy are postponed until after birth. For this reason, in order not to encounter any problems, the expectant mother should take care of her dental health, use dental floss after every meal, and keep brushing her teeth. Due to hormonal changes that occur as of the 4th month of pregnancy, teeth and gums may be sensitive. In this case, some expectant mothers may experience gingivitis. In such cases, you can use the mouthwash recommended by your doctor. If surgical interventions are required during pregnancy and cannot be postponed until after delivery, it can be performed.

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